California Allstars Elite Worlds 2011 (x)
"Blah blah blah, talk your smack, ooh la la, the girls are back"

Sorry but rays new unis are Not good.

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like if i had somewhere to go to get out of this house i would i would in a heartbeat i’d leave happily she’d get what she wanted and i’d be out of here

but i don’t

i have literally nowhere to go

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lol moment when I went to go type cosmic rays and it came out cosmic rats.

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foxes are the most important animals on earth

im going to keep reblogging this until it isn’t cute anymore


The stingray campaign is all over the streets, we just took a vote, and you just got impeached. [Stingray Peach 2012-13]


C’mon let’s spark a plug ⚡️

(An edit of that same picture, What do you think?)

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